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"But, I don't have any good ideas!"

Nonsense. You're not trying to make the next "Star Wars", you're just telling a story about something that's important or interesting to you and your friends . Think about how you spend your day, what you think about most, what you care about most. That's where you'll get your best ideas.

So, where do I get a camera and all that other stuff?
We could give you Steven Spielberg's home address, but then he's stop inviting us to his parties. So, we're going to do the next best thing - we'll help you figure out where to get to gear, how to learn to use it, and all those other annoying details that might get in between you and fame.

Read The Rules!
Don't panic! We don't have a lot of rules. You won't need a magnifying glass or a lawyer to understand our rules. Just some basics so that everyone plays fair and has an equal chance.

This year, we're asking you to make a faith-based "commercial". In :30 or :60 seconds, tell the world something about your faith.

Get Your Group Together.
A good film doesn't happen all by itself. You're going to need - and want - your friends to help. Make it a group effort. Everybody will be able to contribute something unique to the project - and your ideas will be all the better for it.


We need to get serious, just for a moment.
Doing anything creative takes a lot of hard work, and if you do it well, you end up being pretty proud of your creation. When you create your film/video, you're going to be pretty proud of your efforts. We want you to know that we respect that, and we'll make sure that we give you and your team all the credit you deserve. We won't rip off your ideas, or claim that they belong to anyone else. Seem fair?

So, we'd like you to do the same. When you make your film, it's OK to borrow ideas from other people. Just make sure you get their permission to use their stuff. This is especially true of music. Don't go ripping off other people's music unless you've asked their permission and give them credit. That seems fair too, don't you think?